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The Flatten Project (@flatten.project) is a public visual dialog in the frame of the Question me and Answer program from Improper Walls, between Annika Eschmann (1990) and Daniel Castells (1990), two artists, strangers to each other. 

In The Flatten Project, the juxtaposition of individual ideas and point of views result in complete images, charged with a strong personal content that develops into a much wider analysis. With a digital platform as one of their main destinations, the outcomes bring up topics such as art and social media, the white cube, aesthetics of the practice itself, as well as opening discussions over socio-political issues. And it becomes a window to the dynamics and trajectory of a relationship between distant cultures, education and overall backgrounds. Furthermore, it is influenced by the work of each of them and by the approach taken due to the current COVID-19 situation.



Since then, the project carries on with the basis of pairing two artists, strangers to each other. The new tandems are curated by the latest participants, with the objective of them to develop a common work form and artwork. Always to be considered, is the geographical distance, the media used, and the agreement and dialogue as a political dimension. These topics are crucial for the growth of the project’s work and of its participants as a group.  

The account was opened for Katharina Baumann (KZ) and Roee Cohen (IL) as the second pair of the project. Whom, later on, chose Sophia Latysheva () and Eric Yudkovitch. They all took over @flatten.project for 3 months. Now, the newest tandem to take place will be between Michal Blayer (IL) and Ulrike Johannsen (AT)


Ornamentals Were Never Devoid of Function

(Against a Blind Reading of Loos), 2020 

Mixed Media

Size variable


Flights Cancelled, 2020

Digital Photography

Size variable

Katarina Baumann / Roee Cohen

Untitled, 2020 (1/3)

Digital collage

Katarina instructs Roee remotely how to visit his home country.

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